Why I moved to Asia

Why I moved to Asia

This is a question that I get asked quite often by Americans as well as Chinese people. Seeing as how most people in the world usually think of the U.S. as the place to move to, I guess it’s jarring to see a black woman move to a place so different from The Americas. Truthfully, Asia is not a place I ever pictured myself living, besides wanting to vacation in Thailand, the rest of the continent wasn’t really on my radar. But here I am, two years later, enjoying my life for the most part. Here is a list of the top four reasons I got out of dodge and headed east.


  • Career prospect

I wasn’t happy with my career prospects in New York City. For all that New York is:  fun, vibrant, full of opportunities, it’s also become increasingly hard to live there, especially for those born without a silver spoon in their mouths. After graduating from college I made the decision to stay in the city with hopes that I’d somehow secure a job working in the media/publishing industry. Of course I knew this wouldn’t come easy, but at the very least I thought with the right formula, I’d be able to make something happen eventually. After a depressing period where I tried to freelance in order to make ends meet and nearly ended up homeless, I got a job at a cupcake shop where I worked for nearly two years. While there I did the “New York thing.” For lack of a better term I was on my grind. Internships, freelance assignments, side hustles, day job, roommates that I barely knew. For two years that was me and for a while it was okay.

But after about a year of the same thing, I found myself approaching my late 20’s, wondering, “Is this all there is? Will life always be this way?” Some things were happening, but frankly, not fast enough. It became apparent that if I wanted different opportunities, I would have to start making some different choices. For me, one of those different choices was leaving New York City.


  • Travel

I’ve always loved traveling and was probably bit with the bug when I moved away from the Midwest at 19. Ever since moving to the San Francisco bay area during college, I’ve had this desire to go different places and experience different cultures. That fire to travel was lit a bit more when I studied abroad a few years later in Amsterdam Holland. During most of my stay in the big apple, I only really went on a few domestic trips. There were so many places that I wanted to see, but there was one problem. Sista girl didn’t have any money. Rounding up the money to visit my folks back in Cleveland was difficult enough, much less finding the resources to travel half way across the world. I still had some travel left in me and I just knew that if I could get over “there” as in away from the U.S. my traveling dreams would be that much closer to become a reality.


  • America

What’s going on in America y’all? It’s like people are at war over basic human right. Now, I’m not saying things are perfect abroad, but a lot of the things that I’d have to worry about in ‘Merica, I don’t have to be bothered with here. Maybe I should stay back and “fight the good fight” but uh, I’ll pass. There’s a great big world out there and I don’t necessarily think I need to be living in a particular place in order to lend support.


So, these are a few reasons that I decided to move to Asia. Will I stay here forever? I highly doubt it. I like to take it year by year and as much as I like life here, there are so many other places I’d like to visit and/or live for some amount of time. Check me out on youtube for the entire rundown on why I left America.

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