Black Girl Roks… Seoul

So last weekend was Chuseok weekend in Korea. A lot of Americans refer to it as Korean Thanksgiving, but that would actually be incorrect. It’s actually more like day of the dead as they are basically honoring all of their long gone ancestors. By some strange twist of fate, my job decided to give us three whole days off for this holiday. Usually we are forced to sit in boring professional development meetings to pass the time. Seeing as how I’m leaving Korea in less than a month, I was going to just stay in my apartment and stack those coins.


But then I got to thinking about how lonely I would be all by myself and then I decided to just throw caution to the wind and make a long weekend out of it in Seoul. I’ve been to Seoul before in the past but only to take care of business on extended day trips. I’d never really explored much of it on my own. This time I went with a co-worker of mine, and we had quite the time.

On Saturday we arrived in the early afternoon. We had lunch and then dinner and drinking in the evening. Both of us were feening for some Mexican food so we headed to Los Amigos in Itaewon. OMG, the food was so amazing. There was real cheese, flavorful salsa and chips, and a strong margarita to wash it down with.  Later, we ended up hitting up some clubs and bars, which were pretty fun.

Real cheese!
Real cheese!blowjobs in itaewon!

The next morning we headed to Suji’s deli for breakfast. I ordered a reuben sandwich that came with fries and cole slaw. Being from Cleveland, land of the corn beef sammich, I’m particular about my corn beef, so I almost didn’t order it. I haven’t had the best track record with Korean sandwiches. They can be thin and flavorless, and a total waste of money if you’re not careful. But I’m glad I got this one. It was so delicious! There was a good amount of meat, creamy melted cheese, and the thousand island dressing, along with the saurkrat, really set it off. The fries were cut thick, just like I like them and the cole slaw wasn’t too shabby either. My friend seemed to enjoy her breakfast as well.



Next we decided to do something cultural so we headed over to the Gyeongbokgung palace. It was hot as a mofo that day and for some reason I thought the palace was going to be a walking tour of the inside. I was wrong. It was just a tour of the outside grounds. Which was cool, but not so much with that sun beaming down on my head. Still, it was great to take some pictures and see the way the buildings were back in the day.





On Monday, our last day, we kept it super chill, seeing as how we were leaving the city later on that night. We decided to catch a documentary screening of Hidden Colors 3. If you haven’t seen this amazing and thought provoking film, I’mma need you to get your life, and head over to primewire or something to check it out. The event was held by Brothers and Sisters of South Korea, a facebook group for and by black people currently living and working in South Korea. It’s a great resource for meeting and staying connected to other black people.


Jessica of Honey Hair Care
Jessica of Honey Hair Care
black girl hair products!
black girl hair products!

Before this weekend, I never “got” what was so special about Seoul really. In the past I guess I just felt so overwhelmed with the whole city when I would visit. But after this last weekend, I’m definitely going to have to get thy self to Seoul a bit more often.

So have you ever changed your mind regarding a location after visiting it again with fresh eyes?

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  1. Wonderful blog. Food looks delicious, always wanted to visit Seoul.

    1. Niesha S says:

      Thanks for stopping by. Do you live in korea?

  2. eunice says:

    hi,I really love Korea and would love to live and school there please can someone help me.I’m 6ft tall and very good at playing basketball…. I’m 18years old.

    1. Niesha S says:

      Wow! So sorry for the delay. You should apply to colleges in Asia. That’s the best way for someone as young as you are.

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