Black girl roks….hair accessories?!?

As a child I was never very into my hair. I wore my hair in braids for most of my childhood and when it wasn’t braided, it was relaxed straight and styled in the simplest of styles. The cycle when it came to my hair was grow it, then watch it fall out, then grow it again. Hair relaxers just aren’t good for African-American hair but growing up it seemed like the only game in town. Luckily, as an adult I’ve (mostly) wised up and put down the creamy crack for good. 

   So, like I said, I was pretty indifferent to my hair for most of my life because of the “issues” I always seemed to be having with it. Back then, I spent a lot of time just trying to get it to look right by societies standards, there really wasn’t any room for worrying about cuteness. But as I’ve gotten older and started learning how to take care of my hair, I’ve increasingly started to experiment more with it. 

   South Korean fashion is very much about being girly, feminine, and cute. One thing that I’ve seen countless times here in the ROK, is women wearing a plethora of hair accessories. Now, back in my day (lol) hair accessories were strictly for children. You don’t really see too many American women walking around with bows or headbands. But here, those types of things are all the rage. There are whole stores dedicated to hair clips, barrettes, headbands, combs, bows, and much more.


   After some hesitation, I’ve recently started to see hair accessories as a viable fashion choice. Granted, it’s not something I would normally do back home but what’s the point of traveling or living abroad if you aren’t willing to try new things? 




    Now that I’ve gotten into them, I see that hair accessories can be a fun and easy way to amp up or change your look. Here are a few of my favorite buys thus far. 


Wire headband
Wire headband



So, which hair accessory could you see yourself adding to your mane this season? 

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